Master of the BBQ - Deluxe Basket

$130.00 CAD

Enjoy this amazing selection of gourmet food and craft beer any night of the week.  This Deluxe Basket makes a great addition to any BBQ.  This basket includes:

  • Two Craft Brewery Tall Cans
  • Raincoast Salt & Smokehouse Peppercorns - Saltwest
  • Ghost Pepper & Jalapeno Hot Sauce - Get Sauced
  • Jalapeno Ranch Corn Seasoning - Gourmet Village
  • Rib Rub & Beer Can Chicken - Gourmet Village
  • Maple Peppercorn & Steak Rub Seasoning - Gourmet Village
  • Haupy's Beaver Rub
  • Tabasco Chocolate Tin